Blank - Snowman Head

Blank - Snowman Head

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This is a BLANK Laser Etched design that you will paint on your own. You can eithe get this item in a flat or 3D Option. The flat option comes with just the snowman design and you will have to draw all details on the face. The 3D option, comes with face pieces that are separate wooden pieces you will need to glue on with wood glue.

This Snowman can be decorated so many ways and can't wait for you to paint it and display it on your door, wreath, kids door, or as an ornament!

 There are different sizes to choose from: 

  • Door - 20" - 22"
  • Kid - 12" - 15"
  • Wreath - 10"-12"
  • Ornament - 4"-6" (this size does not come in the 3D option)

A jute or wire hanger is already attached to the design so it can be displayed as soon as you complete painting it! 

It is cut out of 1/4" Revolution Plywood and has all the inner lines etched in to the design to make it easier to paint on your own.