Interchangeable School Theme Day DIY kit

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This is a wooden kit you will get to complete on your own. It is made with 1/4” wood and has a magnet and all the instructions for you to implement on your own. You can get it customized for your school mascot and your child’s name. 

The loose leaf paper piece is a little over 15” tall. 

You will receive: 

loose leaf paper cut out with etched lines

1st day apple (or mascot) 

Best Day Apple (or mascot) 

100th Day Apple (or mascot) 

Last Day Apple (or mascot) 

Pencil and the pieces that go behind it

Ruler with etched grades

Arrow cut out 

Grades (the word)

name cut out (if you want it customized) 

2 magnets


Please contact me at if you have any further questions.